2016 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

This post is for all the friends that read my blog posts on a regular basis (thank you!) and with whom I occasionally sit down and discuss what I am doing to promote and grow my fitness business. Social media is a big part of it and I find it both a Godsend (does anyone remember leafleting?) and an almighty pain in my f**king arse, especially when it comes to creating content and images. Content is the easiest one of the two, images are a real headache because of the squillion different sizes and formats required for each social media channel.

I know that the differences are what make each channel unique but still… what a b****rd when it comes to promoting 1 blog post across 5 different platforms: it takes me at least a whole working day just to create all the different images. I say create because it’s often not possible to just tweak the main image: to do a proper job I have to adjust the layout so that it has the desired impact once looked at through each social media channel. Plus I have to take into account that different “types” of people prefer different social media channels and therefore I need to try and think like them to make sure both image and caption will resonate with them.

So, having now almost mastered Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn I am now spending Saturday afternoon trying to figure out Pinterest once and for all. I was actually considering ditching Pinterest but as it turns out my boards are quite popular without me knowing how so I thought I’d better nurture it. One of my favourite tools to create images for Pinterest and for most other social media channels is Canva – I use the free version and I find it to be absolutely perfect for this purpose especially if I don’t have to fiddle with the images.

I scoured the internet to resolve my dilemma once and for all and this, my dear friends, is what I found (with permission to reproduce on here, of course!):

2016 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet


If you wonder what relevance this post has to what I normally do… consider it a mindset exercise: instead of just giving up in the face of challenges I spanked them all by coming up with a genius solution (having the image in one of my posts so that I won’t lose it in the future).

Happy Saturday everyone! 🙂

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