A day to relax and reflect

Today is Sunday and a day to switch off from the grind of daily life almost completely. I am having a mini-holiday as I am staying at my other half’s place in South Essex. It’s not exactly 1000 miles away from home but far enough to be a completely different place, different landscape, different people and nothing to remind me of home.

Having a short break like this is a bit like breathing unpolluted air at high altitudes: refreshing and nourishing. It clears my mind, it helps me reconnect with my purpose and helps me get back on track if I have wondered off for one reason or another. Somehow being at a certain distance from home also help me get some distance from my projects so I can look at them as if they were someone else’s and get a detached perspective.

It was just fortuitous that this weekend coincides with a new Moon in Aries which my astrologer friends consider to be highly auspicious for setting a new course in life and sowing the seeds of prosperity for the next 12 months. I decided to humour them and wrote down my intentions for the next year. I must say, the act of writing them down makes them look tangible already. Now it’s up to me to make them happen.


One of my intentions for the next 12 months is to somehow find a way to go back to doing trackdays. Even if I can be a complete pansy I do love driving fast around a circuit, learning each corner and feeling the car shifting the balance left-right-front-rear as I hunt for the smoothest line for me around the track. Sadly I had to give that up for the past few years although a day at Snetterton 300 last year was the best Valentine’s Day gift EVER!

So when I am here at my boyfriend’s batchelor pad I play on the simulator while he works on his or my cars (seems like a fair exchange). After stopping at Spa Francorchamps on our way back to the UK last Summer I fell in love with this track. It’s a lot like other tracks I have driven but bigger, better and more rollercoaster like than those in the UK as mountains here are at a premium, unlike on the continent. Yesterday I resumed the task of learning where each corner is and how to tackle it. After completing a Grand Prix distance I can now go flat out around most corners apart from Les Combes and the Chicane which I get consistently wrong. The hairpin with elevation change isn’t too bad now and Au Rouge is to be considered duly spanked.  🙂

Although I wish I could be there for real instead of virtually I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn the track at home so that when I eventually do get there I can start enjoying myself straight away instead of having a midlife crisis at every corner and constantly wonder which way I am turning next. At this stage I don’t know how I will make it happen but am confident that I will.

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