Where I have been in the World Wide Web

Here are some of the latest articles and contributions published on other websites or magazines. Some of them are quite old but have sentimental value so I am listing them even if they are no longer relevant to what I do.

Blog post on Dale Darley's website

Virtual interview on Dale Darley’s website to celebrate the launch of my book. September 2017.

Cristina Alciati in MyWeekly magazine

I was the consulting fitness expert for this feature in My Weekly magazine written by Eve Menezes Cunningham published end of May 2017.

Article on the “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life” website.

Contribution to The Fermented Foody blog

Beans, onions and sausages spaghetti western style

Recipe published on Tajinny.com in July 2016

5 ways to measure your progress

Blog post picked up by online magazine

Cristina Alciati in the Power of Outrageous Expression

Contributed a story to the book

Cristina Alciati Essex Life

Half page interview in the Oct 2013 issue of Essex Life

Web design tips for fitness pros

Not your typical fitness article! Pulished in August 2015

On Sally Parkinson’s blog

Cristina Alciati in Confessions of a Twirly Girl

Interview from my pole dancing days


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