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mugshotFormer gymnast, jazz dance performer and choreographer, pole fitness and martial artist (including Savate, Wing Chun, BJJ, Escrima, Capoeira) training with world champions all over the world, currently learning Parkour, Cristina Alciati, also known as “Crissy” and “the Godmother”, is a leading fitness expert and creator of the SMART Fitness Makeover™ system.

Over the past few years Cristina has taught many people how to change their nutrition, fitness and lifestyle and overcome any challenges they might have encountered to produce rapid and long lasting results. Having struggled herself with health, weight and self image issues she understands very well how difficult it can be to face and deal with such personal issues. However, not one to give up easily in the face of adversity, she is constantly learning and experimenting to bring her clients the very best strategies for body transformations. In fact her down to earth, simple, fun and yet no-nonsense approach has enabled her clients to often surpass, their initial weight loss and fitness goals.

“I believe that every woman deserves to have a fantastic looking body and that achieving this should be a fun project as opposed to a journey filled with hunger and sacrifices.“

With a strong background in psychology, holistic therapies as well as fitness, Cristina is passionate about helping her clients discover their winning mindset and transform into the healthiest, happiest and most fabulous versions of themselves.

You can see her here:
Metabolic Effect Certified Personal Trainer

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