Curtsy Lunges For Perfect Buns

Curtsy lunges are a variation of the ordinary forward or reverse lunges and are performed along a different plane by activating the inner thigh muscles to achieve the crossover movement. When performed correctly they will help you sculpt and tone your legs, hips and buns for that super hot look and the strength to match.

When you execute a curtsy lunge you engage 4 different muscle groups in your lower body:

    • quadriceps: front of your thighs, you use them to squat and stand up;
    • hamstrings: back of your thighs, you use them at the same time as the quadriceps;
    • gluteals: bun muscles, the curtsy lunge especially targets the muscles on the outside of your buttocks that are normally used to pull your leg towards your body;
    • soleus/gastrocnemius: calf muscles, in this exercise they act as stabilizers for your legs and you use them every time you push yourself back up into the starting position

Start by standing with your feet shoulders width apart. Cross your right foot behind your left into a curtsy lunge making sure that the left knee is still facing forward and is right over your ankle. Don’t let it roll in or out. Your body should be upright and your toes should be pointing forward. Bring your right foot back to starting position.

Start off with 3 sets of 10 lunges (5 on each leg) and build up to 3 sets of 30 lunges. When you can do these comfortably you can make the exercise more challenging by adding weights.

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