Don’t panic, go organic!

Below is my first ever Periscope broadcast on the subject of how easy it is to switch to an organic produce diet… if you live in the UK (specifically in Essex) at least.

I am still not that good at keep fit videos as I seem to run out of things to say quickly so further down is an “almost transcript” of my ramblings with a few bits added to it that I meant to say on the day but escaped from my brain before I could actually say them… 😀

The reason that prompted me to do this broadcast was that I was reading one of the many newsletters that I subscribe to and keep coming into my inbox and somebody was pointing out [pause… some twat asked me to show my boobs]… somebody was actually saying that it’s quite silly, when working with fitness clients, to obsess about recommending to them to eat a natural diet consisting mostly of vegetables, natural foods, organic stuff because it’s difficult and impractical to source it all.

My weekly organic food deliveryOf course, a few minutes later the doorbell went… somebody knocks on the door and it’s my delivery driver with the organic basket full of food for the week. So I am thinking that’s probably not quite right that it’s a hard thing to do because, for me at least, it’s very very simple and, as a matter of fact, this is what was delivered to me earlier yesterday morning. This is a whole week’s worth of supplies of food: meat and vegetables.

It’s all organic, the animals have been raised in a high welfare environment so they get to enjoy decent lives in a natural environment before being killed for food. None of the fruit or vegetables are sprayed with chemicals or any other nasties. And because the soil can’t cope with intense farming it stays rich in nutrients which in turn give produce their distinct flavours.

GROM organic Italian ice creamI am a big fan of GROM ice creams, if you follow me on Facebook you will know that I will happily travel to Italy by any means possible just to have one of their masterpieces. The reason I love their ice creams so much is that they are made with ancient varieties of fruit that haven’t been genetically manipulated (much) and that are grown on healthy soil respecting the natural rhythm of the seasons. The results are outstanding: fruit that tastes like fruit and is naturally sweet.

The same is true for the organic food for sale in the UK: each vegetable has its own distinct flavour as opposed to each variety looking pretty and different but tasting the same.

So I must say, when I do consultations with new potential clients it’s difficult and… I do try and put across to them that actually buying organic like this is easier than going shopping every single day and certainly cheaper because all that I have just shown on the table cost me less than 30 quid and how many times do I manage to walk into a shop or my local supermarket and come out spending less than 30 quid and have that much food with me? It hardly ever happens and it’s usually mass produced tasteless stuff. And yes, unfortunately sometimes you just have to go with that because there’s no other choice but really it’s sooo sooo easy to actually do it properly and to feed yourself in a way that’s body friendly and doesn’t cause you to develop crazy allergies just because of all the hormones that are being injected in the meat or the chemical crap that’s sprayed on fruit and vegetables or any other produce.

Anyone that says it’s difficult to go organic and follow a natural diet I think they are probably talking crap. At least here in the UK it’s really, really easy to do and it’s just a no-brainer: cheaper than normal stuff and it gives you a chance to be creative in the kitchen and come up with something really, really nice.

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