In 2015 I suffered severe bone bruising as a result of a Parkour accident. Doctors weren't much help and gave me some general slap happy advice. I knew there was more that I could do to help myself but struggled to find any real help. So I did my research. Now you can benefit from my efforts by reading my story in hope that it will inspire you to find your own way to a full recovery.

Running a business can be tough, right? For many entrepreneurs, it’s not the workload that makes us fall off the health wagon. Instead, it’s the feelings we have around our work – like the over-whelming feeling that you’re never off duty. In this 5 module self-paced bootcamp you'll learn how to push the reset button and get back a sense of balance.

Regardless of which weight loss or fitness program you choose to follow the SMART Fitness Planner is the ideal companion to help you define your goals, create a plan that integrates seamlessly with your lifestyle and then allow you to simply enjoy your journey.

The perfect companion for my book "8 Mindset Tweaks for Effortless Downloads" with additional guided exercises to help you get clarity on the reasons for wanting to start on a weight loss journey.