My Templates for the A5 Spiral Bound Planner on

This is the bundle of templates for creating an A5 Spiral Bound Planner like the one I am selling on

Documents included in the download:

  • the .docx template already populated with tables and suggestions for sections that you might want to include in your planner
  • the .pdf file with tips on how to style the planner.
  • links to the unlisted videos on YouTube where I guide you through the whole process from choosing your format to listing your planner on the marketplace
  • the front cover and back cover templates examples that I created in Photoshop using layers. There are many free alternatives available that can import the native .psd format, this article has a good selection.
  • the high-resolution .jpg version of the covers to show you the kind of quality you need for the cover to print perfectly

Any questions, please get in touch and I will gladly give you a hand. 🙂

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