The SMART Fitness Planner

Regardless of which weight loss or fitness program you choose to follow the SMART Fitness Planner is the ideal companion to help you reach your goals.

That’s because having the idea of transforming your appearance and being excited about it isn’t enough to ensure your success. Channeling your initial enthusiasm and transforming it into a coherent step-by-step plan will.

The SMART Fitness Planner has been designed to help you define your goals in a meaningful manner to banish overwhelm and confusion. It will guide you throughout your transformational journey to make sure you stay on target at all times.

The SMART Fitness Planner has been created with printing costs in mind: printable pages are bland by design to save your ink and to leave you room to be creative as you fill them in.

You can reuse the same pages over and over again to schedule your exercise sessions or print them anew any time you want.

What you will learn from using the SMART Fitness Planner

  • the easy way to tell if your metabolism is balanced and supporting your weight loss efforts,
  • how to measure your progress and how often you should be doing so to keep your morale high and your health in good shape,
  • how to reverse engineer your goals so that you can break them down in easily actionable steps,
  • how to dig deep into your heart and define the real reasons motivating you to get started on a weight loss and fitness journey.

For best results it’s important that you print the actual planner section of the pdf and fill it in with pen and paper. This is the first step to give your initial idea a tangible form.

I suggest playing with colours and textures. If you are artistic you can doodle your plan, paint it, use cutouts. Whatever brings you joy in the process.

Why it’s important to physically write in the fitness planner

When you have the idea of going on a fitness journey you activate the part of your brain that governs imagination and creative thinking, whereas as you start to writing it down and forming a plan to make that idea a reality you are activating the logical part of your brain. When this happens you are sending a signal to your subconscious mind that you mean business and that any choices you make from now on have the purpose of helping you achieve your goals.

The reasons for wanting to go on a fitness makeover journey are very personal and, for most people, are perhaps best kept to yourself only. However, if you don’t mind sharing them with others there is evidence to suggest that involving a friend in your plan can also increase your chances of success as they will support you in your endeavours.

That’s why I created a secret Facebook Group where you can join other like minded individuals and receive ongoing support with planning your weight loss journey for as long as you remain a member. The link to join the SMART Fitness Planner Club is inside the pdf.

Of course, 1-2-1 support is also available. If you wish to go down this route you can start by booking a complementary call with me on this page.

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