Workbook for 8 Mindset Tweaks for Effortless Weight Loss

Workbook for 8 Mindset TweaksOne of the biggest obstacle that some people face when they decide to start on a fitness makeover journey is getting their heads and their minds on the same page. The head might say that they “should” do it but the heart knows that something is off and therefore finds all sort of ways to never get started.

The aim of my book is to help you get your heart and mind in alignment by reflecting on the circumstances surrounding your decision to go on a weight loss journey. Sometimes you just need to acknowledge the nature of your thoughts and where they are coming from and suddenly a great big weight is lifted from your shoulders. What once seemed like an almighty task now looks more like an exciting adventure with lots of little prizes along the way.

At the end of each chapter I suggest exercises that you can do that will help you get clarity on your thoughts.
However, both the paperback and Kindle versions of the book don’t offer the scope to include anything that you can scribble on. Physically writing down your answers with pen and paper has been proven to be the best way to start giving your thoughts a tangible form.

Hence I created this workbook as an addition to the book.

Download it, print it out and scribble all over it to your heart’s content.

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