Mythbuster: “I don’t have enough space to exercise”

I have enough space to exercise

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Today I would like to discuss another “myth” that many of my new of prospective clients seem to hold true: you need massive amounts of space and a lot of equipment to be able to exercise.

My answer is that this is simply not true unless of course you are practicing sports like athletics, basketball or gymnastics, etc.

If you are looking to get fit from nothing and want to shed weight you don’t need a lot of space at all.

As a general, very rough, guide… if you can dance in your front room without bruising your elbows or bashing your knees on the furniture you have enough space.

If you can fit a giant tv screen on your wall you definitely have a room big enough to exercise in. And if you can fit a double sofa bed in the room, well… you guessed it: you definitely have plenty of space. 😉



This is my home gym: a yoga mat, a pair of dumbbells and a swiss ball that doubles up as a bench.

Within this area I have been able to do anything from simple body weight exercises to more contemplative heavy lifting to hardcore metabolic workouts, full on yoga sessions and even learned a lot of my hula hooping skills in that small area.

Not to mention that when I had a pole in the front room I learned a lot of the super advanced stuff on it in the comfort of my tiny front room which for a while doubled as a Thai Yoga Massage treatment room (but that’s another story for a different blog).

So if you find yourself stressing over not having enough space, think again. If you can fit a yoga mat on the floor you have all the space you need to do enough exercises to get your beach body on.

Want help getting your beach body on? Start by booking a complimentary 30 minute breakthrough call and let’s see how I can help you achieve your fitness goals in whatever space is available to you.


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