In “So Essex” Magazine in April 2012

SoEssexApril12So this is was the last one of the “trilogy” of short articles that I wrote for So Essex magazine this year. I loved the process of having to express myself concisely and educate readers on the three main aspects of my Personal Training business.

The short editorial on pole dancing was the hardest one to write because so much has already been said that I really didn’t want to repeat what thousands of pole dance studio owners and writers have already said about the discipline.

So I thought I’d say something that I have reflected a lot on, the psychological aspects of pole dancing and the positive effect it can have on self esteem and character. And I also wanted to touch on the traits that distinguish successful pole dancers from those who just “have a go”.

I have seen it time and time again: those who achieve advanced status are not necessarily the women who come to the sport in the best physical shape, they are the women who will go to great lengths to make up for their (perceived) shortcomings in order to knock down the obstacles and reach the goals they have set for themselves.

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