How eating potato cakes made me a better person today

Yesterday I had a lovely afternoon wandering around the streets of Londinium as I joined my other half in the waiting game to get a new passport for our imminent Italian adventure version 2.0 (bigger, better, faster). One of the biggest problems I face when I am out and about is hunger and specifically being able to find food that a) isn’t going to sabotage my slimming efforts and b) agrees with my intolerance to gluten. Usually this means being granted the honour of a couple of suitable choices from a large menu while I watch my other half eat whatever he wants. Although I enjoyed my gluten free pasta despite being almost 1000KCal I really wanted something else from the menu that would have made me very ill.

Today, as I join my parents and friends in Italy in celebrating Ferragosto, I decided to experiment in the kitchen and prepare a meal that would be a little bit indulgent but without causing me to consume 2/3rds of my daily calories in one serving. This is what I came up with:

[ultimate-recipe id=”1037″ template=”default”]

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