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5 easy lifestyle changes to consider in your golden years (by Helen Sanders)

So, you’ve finally come to the point in your life when you’re ready to retire, or perhaps you already have ...
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paleo and keto diet differences

What’s the difference between Paleo and Ketogenic diet?

There are plenty of diets that end up being fads and flashes—here one year, gone the next. But other eating ...
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questions frequently asked by clients

[VLOG] Questions frequently asked by prospective clients

When I hired my first Personal Trainer some 10 years ago or so I had about a million questions and ...
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Wherever you are at, that's the perfect place to start

The perfect time to start a weight loss program

So many times I see people over complicating their body transformation projects because they think they have to get many ...
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Yoga for strength and relaxation

How Yoga Can Help with Relaxation and Strength Building

It’s obvious that yoga helps you with many aspects of your life which includes: mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. While ...
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The difference between try and triumph is a little umph

6 common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight

Working on a fitness makeover can be a lonesome time for some. My experience as a coach is that a ...
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get out of a funk with your fitness project

How to get out of a funk with your fitness project

It's quite normal to hit roadblocks and get stuck in a funk whenever we embark on a project of any kind ...
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success winning attitude

M = Mindset [what SMART stands for]

Your mindset is the key to success. You will never see any fat loss program through to the end unless ...
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Confidence Sexy Size Sexy Shape

S = Sexy Size [what SMART stands for]

The name SMART Fitness Makeover came about during a conversation that I had with one of my past marketing coaches ...
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Case study: how to get into the best shape of your life after 40

She got into the best shape of her life. After 40. A case study.

Belinda (nor her real name, of course) was a housewife who became a mother later in life, in her late ...
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Stay fit even when super busy

How to get fit (and stay that way) when you are super busy

I am always a little bit sad when Summer ends because I love the longer hours of daylight, the warmer ...
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Being consistent with your efforts will bring you results

Step 4 – Stay Consistent To Keep Off That Stubborn Fat!

“Living well on a day-to-day basis brings eternal happiness” By Rich “Slayer of Stubborn Fat” Tweten CPT, Author I realize ...
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Win your day with these 4 simple steps

4 Simple Steps to Win Your Day. Every Day. [Infographic]

I am in the very fortunate position of being able to wake up naturally a lot of the time and ...
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banish excuses and get on with your fat loss plan

Step 3 – Small But Consistent Steps Of Action To Slay Stubborn Fat

"Make good things happen for yourself or bad things will surely happen to you” By Rich “Slayer of Stubborn Fat” ...
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SAD winter depression

Don’t let SAD drown your spirit. 5 tips for excellent mental health this Winter.

In the past few weeks (I am writing this in October, 2016) I have noticed a resurgence of social media ...
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Set your reasonable fitness goals with visualisation

Set Your Reasonable Fitness Goals Using Visualization

"To get what you want, you must know what you want” By Rich “Slayer of Stubborn Fat” Tweten CPT, Author ...
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DNA testing

DNA testing for fitness and fat loss: my experience so far.

As a New Year’s treat in January 2016 I decided to have a go at DNA testing after it came ...
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Step 1 – You Must Transform Your Body Now!

"The first step towards transformation is awareness” By Rich “Slayer of Stubborn Fat” Tweten CPT, Author Have you accidentally programmed ...
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healing from bone bruising requires a lot

Bone bruising: a year into my convalescence

Last week (5th September) I celebrated a year since my infamous injury that caused me extensive bone bruising to the ...
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The ultimate fitness makeover checklist

12 things you need to banish your love handles once and for all

When you take the decision to undertake a Fitness Makeover you have already overcome the first big obstacle in your ...
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Poopámon Go workout

The “Poopámon Go” workout: when your horse becomes your Personal Trainer!

In this blog I bring you another clever workout... actually it's not really a workout, more like turning something mundane and ...
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My easy recipe for fitness makeover success

My secret recipe for Fitness Makeover success

When it comes to fitness and weight loss there is so much information available in the blogosphere that it's truly ...
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Comparative Review

Intense or Very Intense Program: which one is better for you?

When people ask me how my work ...eeeerrr... works they are often surprised when I tell them that I don't ...
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Free YouTube workouts

FREE workouts on YouTube: 30 Day Shred review

Free online workout videos on YouTube often come up in conversation with potential clients or people that I meet at ...
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