Want to erase the effects of a bad diet overnight? Try this!


Every now and then I used to do temping for a sports supplements company. I worked in their Customer Service Dept. answering clients’ questions on a variety of subjects. Sometimes I got to see some true gems coming through the inbox. One of the questions that came through on a regular basis was the classic: “I overeat and I live a sedentary life. Will fat burners* help me lose 10 pounds fast?”

…eeerrrr… nope! They won’t on their own.

I promise you, seeing what people ask about supplements is a great learning experience as I used to be resist exploring this side of nutrition in great depth. My clients are reluctant to use them “for fear of bulking up”. Personally I never used to see the need for supplements either but the more I learned about them, the better I understand how they can be useful.

The magic pill for weight loss

Magic pill for weight lossThe thing is there is no such thing as a magic pill OR juice OR shake OR homeopathic remedy OR recipe book that will make you lose weight as a substitute for doing what works. I.e. eating, moving and exercising regularly with fat loss in mind. The only thing that will truly work like magic is the grey stuff in between your ears if you engage it properly.

This is one of my gripes with some weight loss companies who insist that their sponsored athletes are the product of their products. Eeerrr… no, they are not. They are the product of great genetics that realised their potential through a lot of dedication and hard work over time supported by the products (or being paid a lot of money to say so).

There is a big difference between the needs of an athlete and the needs of an ordinary person trying to shrink a dress size or two. It’s unfair to even suggest that by swapping food for chemical milk shakes anyone could look like a triathlon athlete without actually training or eating like one. And yet we see it all the time…

The irony in all this marketing bullshit is that doing what works is actually easier, cheaper and more exciting than relying on diet products to get results. 95% of my clients are against using supplements of any kind so we hardly ever go there. Yet they regularly surpass their original goals and learn very quickly that to be in great shape they need to change their lifestyle and habits forever not just for 12 weeks. Just like in every other aspect of life and business…

Weight loss success is easy once you accept how hard it can be to achieve.

Woman celebrating weight lossBut here’s where expert guidance come into its own: it can help you wade through the tonnes of fluff out there and go straight for the things that work. Weight loss is such a massive industry these days that it’s so easy to get sucked into the various marketing scams that bleed you dry of your money and leave you fat and unfit. Just so that you can save a few £££s on the coaching that would make a world of difference to your chances of getting the results you want (and possibly save you ££££s in useless crap that you don’t need).

I am saying this because, as part of my market research, I purchased and tried many of the “miracle systems” out there just to see if and how they work. The short answer is that they are largely hit and miss. So if you have also tried some of these programs and “failed” know that you are not alone. And it’s most likely nothing that you did wrong, the program in question wasn’t a good fit for you.

The trend over the past 5 to 6 years has been for trainers to publish DIY programs and extricate themselves from being personally involved with their clients. Whereas this approach is great from a trainer’s point of view because they can reach thousands of people at once, from a client’s point of view it’s not always so great because no matter how comprehensive these programs are (and some of them are awesome), even the best ones will only work straight out of the box for some people and not for everyone.

I am one of those people that these programs don’t really work for. I always have to make changes and adapt them so that they help my body (which has special needs) and not destroy it. Whenever I have come up against obstacles I could never get an answer from the person who created the program (unless I wanted to pay £££s). The only support that is provided usually comes in the form of a Facebook group where moderators regurgitate parts of the manual that came with the program and then other members, usually unqualified to give advice, give advice.

Thankfully I have both the knowledge and experience to find effective workarounds whenever I come a cropper but if the amount of questions coming up in the groups is anything to go by, I would say there are many others who have issues and may never be able to solve them. So they give up and move on to the next program that makes outlandish claims. Or, when they reach the end of their tether, they either give up altogether or they seek help from a Fitness Professional.

If your budget only allows you to stretch as far as DIY programs, then go for it and at least you will make a start. But if you can stretch it a bit further it’s really worth you looking into hiring a professional even if only for a short period of time.

I can help you discover what works for you and only you so that you never have to even think about “dieting” or being miserable over your weight ever again. And I will be there to support you every time you have questions or come up to a roadblock on your journey. I will make myself inconspicuous as I don’t want to monopolisze your busy life or become your stalker, but I also won’t leave you in the shit trying to work things out on your own.

At the end of the day the results you get will depend on the effort and commitment you put in but at least you will be able to figure out all the things that work and that will serve you well for many years to come. AND save you a fortune on unnecessary supplements and DIY programs. Hands up who would rather have a chemical milk shake instead of a gourmet meal?

Learn from my experience and mistakes: the feedback that you get from a qualified mentor is priceless. By “qualified” mentor I mean someone who, like me, knows their subject, has many years of experience in their field, have overcome the same struggles as you and helped others do the same. I always made progress in leaps and bounds when under the guidance of mentors so I invite you to do the same.

If you are fed up with fuffing around and are serious about achieving your weight loss and fitness goals once and for all schedule your complimentary breakthrough call right now. Let’s see where you are at and how I can help you get to your destination. Without obligation.

*By the way, fat burners are great help but only if used in the context of a fat loss promoting lifestyle. Not as a stand alone miracle cure.

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