Old clients vs new clients: the fun never ends.

As the New Year chaos has now settled I find myself working with a variety of clients each week. Some have been with me for years,  others a few months while others have only just started.

Woman with heavy dumbbellI must say I really enjoy the challenge of having to serve each type of client every day and having to adapt to different circumstances with each one of them. But it’s only when I sign up new clients that I realise just how far the “old” ones have come along in their training. In fact, as I throw them a challenge or two during the course of a session they point out that X months ago they would have told me to Foxtrot Oscar straight away.

The most amazing transformations though happen with their demeanour: it’s not uncommon for my clients (past and present) to make leaps in their careers thanks to their newfound self esteem.  Surely if they can successfully tackle a complex metabolic chain asserting themselves in the workplace becomes a doddle in comparison.

Sometimes when I see new clients struggle to find their moves I wish I could show them a picture of them in the not too distant future when they have mastered the exercises that are causing thm grief in the present so they could too become excited with what’s possible for them. As a Trainer each and every new client reminds me to up my game so that I can help them get to that place in the near future where anxiety is replaced by confidence and new possibilities abound.

I always learn a lot from each client and I am very grateful for all the lessons they taught me so far.

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