Step 4 – Stay Consistent To Keep Off That Stubborn Fat!

Living well on a day-to-day basis brings eternal happiness
By Rich “Slayer of Stubborn Fat” Tweten CPT, Author

I realize that you may have tried a fat loss program and diet in the past only to quit for some reason.

If this is so, please accept the fact that this time, things really could be different for you!

I know you’re searching for more happiness.

The results that you’ll get by becoming more active and eating more healthily will allow you to become happier as a person and hopefully you’ll enjoy the journey as well.

It’s the journey that will ensure your short and long-term fat loss success!

Yes, there’s a reason why so many people (maybe even yourself) have failed to lose weight and keep it off before.

Could it be due to the fact that the journey wasn’t as pleasurable as the old, unhealthy lifestyle that was put on hold?

That’s often the case.

This time, the new journey towards your rapid and permanent fat loss results needs to become more pleasurable than the old, unhealthy lifestyle that you’re now leaving behind.

Here is your goal for this assignment…

To develop more confidence and peace of mind from knowing that you’ll be consistent after switching to a healthier lifestyle.

Effort confidence

Let’s begin by identifying the biggest reasons why a person stops, or is inconsistent soon after beginning a fat loss program or diet.

It’s been my experience that someone can lose motivation if they’re not seeing quick fat loss results, or enjoying themselves while taking action to lose weight.

In other words, try not to learn from trial and error but instead on what works, right away!

Is there anything else that can stop you from adhering to a healthier way of life on a consistent basis?

How about temptations and urges?

Highly emotional situations can cause you to feel an urge to resort back to an old and unproductive action that brought you temporary pleasure despite the painful situation.

So, if this action allowed you to feel relieved and satisfied in the past then there’s a strong chance you’ll act the same way in the future when reacting to a similar feeling.

For example, let’s say you’re caught in a traffic jam and you’re now going to be late for an appointment.

Due to the familiar stress, you suddenly have an urge for a cigarette, knowing full well that you vowed to stay away from them, for good.

Then, you see the driver next to you with one in his hand, so you roll down your window and ask for one.

All of a sudden you’re back to your old and unhealthy habit of smoking!

Instead, couldn’t you have reached for a stick of bubble gum or a squeeze ball?

Wouldn’t that be a healthier habit to form?

It’s up to you in terms of what you reach for, yet I encourage you to go for the healthier alternative since you won’t sabotage your fat loss and health goals.

Realize that it’s important to replace the unhealthy habit with the healthy, since you must have an alternative habit with which to preoccupy yourself with.

Question 1: What are 4 unhealthy remedies such as smoking, drinking, potato chips and doughnuts etc., that you reach for when tempted, or have an urge as a result of any stressful situation.

Also, state the reason as to why you subject yourself to each unhealthy remedy.

Again, think of highly emotional situations that usually trigger a negative feeling. Lastly, identify the painful consequence of using that remedy instead of a healthier alternative.

An Example Of An Unhealthy Remedy: A bag of potato chips.

The Reason You Reach For That Unhealthy Remedy: After a stressful day at work, I’m often tempted and then make the decision to reach for a bag of potato chips.

Painful Consequence Of Using That Unhealthy Remedy: Since I’ve developed the habit of reaching for a bag of potato chips for over a year now after stressful days at work, I’ve been feeling bloated and put on more weight as a result.


You’ve now identified the unhealthy remedies you reach for during highly emotional situations and matched the painful consequences of resorting to them.

Since it may be overly difficult to interpret the stressful situations in a positive light and feel great as a result, it would be wise to choose a healthier remedy in exchange to comfort yourself in the short-term.

Question 2: Replace your unhealthy remedies with healthier alternatives. Afterwards, I’ll encourage you to explain how the switch will affect your health in a pleasurable and positive way!

An Example Of A Healthy Remedy: Veggie sticks and yogurt instead of potato chips.

The Pleasurable Benefits Of Using That Healthy Remedy: Using this healthy remedy instead of reaching for a bag of potato chips will make me feel less bloated and I’ll consume fewer calories and fat, while still satisfying my body. It won’t take long to drop a few pounds of fat due to this change.

At this point in time a bag of potato chips may seem more satisfying to you than some veggie sticks and yogurt.

The short-term pleasure from eating the chips isn’t worth the long-term painful consequence though, is it?

As you keep the above in mind, you’ll begin to associate more pain in continuing on with the unhealthy remedy due to the way it causes you to look and feel.

In return, you’ll associate more pleasure with the healthy remedy, which in this case, is the veggie sticks and yogurt.

You’ll feel good afterwards instead of feeling bloated and will have the peace of mind knowing that you’ve done something really good for your body and overall health!

Veggie sticks and yogurt taste better already, don’t they?

However, I would recommend taking 1 day off every week when you can eat those sugary, salty and fatty foods.

What else can you do to improve your chances of adhering to this healthier way of living on a regular basis?

How about conditioning your mind with a positive and healthy affirmation!

An affirmation is a statement that you hold close to yourself and repeat on a regular basis. It’s a positive reminder as to why you’ve decided to commit yourself to a new and healthier lifestyle.

Your goal is to live by this statement and repeat it on a daily basis.

This is a fantastic way of programming beliefs into your mind that you’re trying to adopt and works great for staying motivated.

Question 3: Create a positive and healthy affirmation. I encourage you to repeat this statement every morning and during the day before your workouts.

Continue on with this for at least 90 days and replace it with another as you go, if you wish.

Your affirmation should be positive and exciting! Study the example below to assist you when creating an affirmation of your own.

Example Of A Positive And Healthy Affirmation: My unhealthy lifestyle of the past is now a lesson that I’ve learned from. The fat loss related actions I take today will affect my tomorrow. So, I’ll enjoy the positive feelings and peace of mind knowing that I’m incorporating a smart fat loss plan into my life. I’m looking forward to gaining more energy, fitting into my good pants again and also inspiring others to change the way they look and feel in a positive way!

The power of the spoken word is great.

We talk ourselves into feeling certain emotions on a regular basis so why not convince ourselves to feel motivated and energized as often as we can?

It’s possible to forget why you’re doing something good for yourself.

If you forget – then your level of motivation will drop – so that’s why I suggest repeating a positive and healthy affirmation every morning and during the day before your workouts.

This task will help you to guarantee a winning day for yourself!

Moving along, I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t look forward to a pleasurable outcome. Waking up can be a difficult task if you refuse to get excited about working towards anything.

Think back to a performance that you worked hard to excel at since you knew the spotlight would soon be on you in the near future.

Do you remember a possession that you once desired, which gave you a new reason to save money?

Would you say that upcoming performance or desire to own that special item increased your level of motivation towards taking the small but consistent steps of action that were needed for you to reach those goals?

You bet!

So, it would be wise to have something special to look forward to.

How about an event where many friends and family members will witness your new body?

Wouldn’t you like to wear a designer outfit that’s worthy of displaying your upcoming masterpiece? It’s always nice to get rewarded for your accomplishments, isn’t it?

Question 4: What special event and possession are you going to reward yourself with once you achieve your fat loss goal in only 90 days?

You’re almost there!

Lastly, we’re going to uncover a very important – yet often unnoticed – area of your life.

It can literally make or break your up-coming fat loss success.

The key word is “association.”

Association is incredibly powerful and it’s up to you for creating your empowering network of associates. We don’t have a choice about who our family is going to be, but we can choose our friends and acquaintances.

It’s safe to say that a little bit of them rubs off on you – and you on – them.

Now that you’re about to get physical, please be aware that you may have some associates who will be rooting for you and others that will root against you.

Have you ever heard of the old saying, “Misery loves company”?

The last thing that some people want is a friend beginning to change in a positive way.

The more that person changes the less the other person can relate to him or her and due to that, they can pull apart.

For example, a group of friends are going out to eat at a favorite restaurant. One of them whose name is Sandy has just started to improve her eating habits, while also exercising on a consistent basis.

All was fine until it came time to order the meals. The waiter took the orders from around the table and as Sandy looked up with anxiety she heard, “I’ll have the fried calamari with extra dip” and “I’ll take the sirloin steak with French fries.”

Then the waiter asks what it is that Sandy would like to eat and she gulped, “Tuna salad with a glass of water.”

Her friends looked at her in disbelief and then she needed to become defensive in order to back up her new and healthy lifestyle change.

Let’s not even get into what happened at dessert!

The fact of the matter is this, people change and it’s important to be aware of this and firm in your beliefs.

Try to spend more time around people who support and encourage your fat loss efforts, while spending less time around those who bring you down.

Ideally, try to find a friend with whom you can workout with.

With each individual pulling for the other – since your fat loss success is dependant upon the others – you’ll increase the odds of adhering to this new way of life and experiencing rapid and permanent fat loss results.


It’s time for you to realize that your body is the servant of your mind and anything your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!

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