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The Wonders of Milk Kefir

If you follow me on social media you will often see me talking about my probiotics drinks. The reason for this is that they have been nothing short of absolutely magic in helping me overcome health issues related to my food intolerances and the damages that ensued. 

Probiotics help ensure that your intestine is populated with good bacteria, the kind that will help you digest and absorb all the nutrients in the food you consume every day. They also keep your bowel movements regular and, most importantly, they ensure that your immune system is working correctly and even help you cope with stress better. 

I have now been taking probiotics for almost a year and haven’t had any colds, flu or viruses ever since. My energy levels are stable on high, my mood has improved and I am virtually stress free. Pretty awesome, right? 

The best part is that you too can enjoy all this at virtually no cost.

Milk Kefir

Although there are many choices of probiotics available to buy on the shelves, I choose to make my own by using a glass jar, live kefir cultures and whole milk (raw milk would be better but it’s not always easy to find). It’s that simple. The fermentation process takes between 24 and 48hrs depending on ambient temperature and at the end of it you will have a slightly fizzy yoghurt that’s rich in vitamins B, friendly yeasts and trillions of good bacteria. Milk kefir is a very versatile drink, virtually lactose free (the cultures feast on lactose) and easily digestible. I use mine to make fruit smoothies, ice creams and as a replacement for yoghurt when cooking (especially yummy in scones). 

The live cultures can be bought on Ebay and/or specialist websites for very little money, however as they tend to grow quickly when handled correctly, I always have a surplus that I am more than happy to share with anyone who wants to adopt some.