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4 Simple Steps to Win Your Day. Every Day. [Infographic]

I am in the very fortunate position of being able to wake up naturally a lot of the time and only having to set the alarm clock some of the time. Even so Mondays can be difficult as they mean leaving behind the chilled pace of the weekend and getting ready to face whatever challenges life will bring as the week unfolds.

I find solace in setting up the alarm clock 30 minutes before the time I actually want to get up to make sure I start the day with some me time to set myself up for success. No matter what. Here is how I do it:

4 simple steps to win your day infographic

Good quality sleep

It may seem as if I am stating the obvious but you cannot expect to win the day without struggle unless you have fully recharged your batteries with a few hours of good quality sleep. How many hours you actually need depends on your unique metabolism, however there seems to be a general consensus that less than 5 hours is not enough sleep and over 10 hours is too much sleep. Again, this also depends on your personal circumstances as if you happen to be sleep deprived for any reason you will certainly need to give yourself the time to make up for the lost sleeping time.

While you are asleep your body repairs itself, gets rid of toxins, tunes down the release of fat storing hormones and turns up the release of fat burning and rejuvenating hormones. I have over simplified an exquisitely complex chain of chemical reactions but it’s enough to give you a good idea of why good quality sleep is so important. Think of how dangerous you are at the wheel when you are tired and how hungry you get when you don’t sleep enough. How can you be a winner when you are in that state?

Practice gratitude

The idea of recognising everything that we can be grateful for seems to be a common thread in any coaching circle under the sun. There is a good reason for it: as we get caught up in the rat race of thinking we have it bad because we don’t have this or that we forget about all the things that we actually have. Therefore getting in the habit of spending a few moments first thing in the morning to reflect on all the good things in our life and express heartfelt gratitude for them is a sure way to get into a good mood before we part company with our duvet.

In fact, it might be the only way that we can feel inspired to get out of bed. Especially when times are tough. And if the only good thing going on in your life is that you are still breathing be grateful for that as you never know when your luck is going to change.

Visualise your day

After you have practiced gratitude and you are in a light and happy mood it’s time to start visualising your day. The idea is to do a practice run in your head before you live your day for real. Athletes and performance artists do this all the time: they prepare for their performances by rehearsing their moves or words in their heads. It’s a great way of overcoming training obstacles and plateaus of any kind.

The secret is to get into as much detail as possible as you do this: what you are going to have for breakfast, how much coffee, what you are going to wear, what you are going to say at that meeting, how are you going to finish that project, what you are going to buy at the shops on the way back from work, what you are going to have for dinner, are you going to exercise? what are you going to watch on tv and what time you are going to bed. It’s like having a to do list in your mind: once it’s compiled all you have to do is go tick every item as you go along.

Planning your day in this way will save you from stress and overwhelm later on as you will have a clearer direction. You can apply this same principle to your weight loss and fitness journey: visualize the end result that you want to achieve and reverse engineer the process of getting there.

Morning rituals

I find morning rituals comforting. They are a part of my daily plan and I try to stick to them almost every day. They allow me that little bit extra mental space at the start of the day when I can make peace with the world and gradually transition from half asleep to fully awake. The first of my morning rituals is feeding the cats. I have no real choice in this matter as the punishment for not obliging is many paws on my face with gradually increasing degrees of clawing.

Then comes breakfast with copious amounts of coffee, then a quick tidying up of the house, wash, dress and then I am ready for my day. I suppose I could call this a “routine” but I find that the word “rituals” infers that these tasks are sacred to me and that nobody should interfere with them. If I am working on my own body transformation I might include a bit of time spent on the stationery bike or hula hooping as part of my morning ritual so it’s done and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Otherwise I am ready to put into practice everything that I rehearsed while visualising my day.

Personally I find that whenever I stick to these 4 steps I come out a winner at the end of the day and feel like celebrating, no matter how small that win was. The thing is when I feel like I am winning at the game of life I tend to make better decisions which in turn leads to more victories big and small. So, now I am curious… what do you do to set yourself up for victory every day?

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Step 2 – Set Your Reasonable Fitness Goals Using Visualization

“To get what you want, you must know what you want”
By Rich “Slayer of Stubborn Fat” Tweten CPT, Author

I’m about to guide you through an exciting and fun journey inside your imagination.

What once was the impossible dream is now going to become very real as you visualize exactly how your new body is going to look and feel after using an effective exercise and nutrition plan for 90 days.

By seeing the target and aiming for it, you’ll have a much greater chance of hitting the bulls-eye!

Coming up, you’ll find an assignment with questions that are brought to your attention in a simple, step-by-step format.

However, before you answer the first question, make sure to open a text file so you can simply type out the answers as you advance.

Here is your goal for this assignment…

To set the reasonable fitness goals you need to achieve in 90 days.

Walk over to a comfortable chair and relax in your seat. Read through the following assignment until you arrive at a question.

Woman sitting on chair thinking about reasonable fitness goals

Afterwards, shut your eyes and visualize exactly what you see and feel.

You’re now watching over yourself as your spirit has left your body!

You see yourself seated in the same chair, yet something’s different. You’re smiling and begin to talk with enthusiasm and conviction:

It all began 90 days ago when I was thinking about losing weight. I discovered an effective exercise and nutrition plan then decided to give it a try. As I advanced through the plan, I went from thinking about transforming the way my body looked and the way I felt in a positive way, to actually deciding to do it!

As I remained true to my decision, my body started to transform! First, I noticed that my everyday tasks were becoming easier since I was gaining more energy.

Question 1: What are the 3 everyday tasks that are going to be easier for you to perform in only 90 days? Think of walking home or climbing up a flight of stairs after a long day at work.

Before you answer, visualize yourself performing the task with ease. How do you feel now as you’re lighter on your feet and quicker as well?

Example: Standing up and walking around the office.

You start talking again…

After I realized that these everyday tasks were becoming easier to perform, it definitely helped to motivate me in continuing on with the new lifestyle. Next, I found my body was moving around more swiftly and objects that I needed to pick-up seemed lighter than before since I was gaining flexibility and strength.”

Question 2: What are the 3 objects that you’ll be able to move or pick-up more easily in only 90 days? Think of a bag of groceries or a child.

Before you answer, visualize yourself lifting, pulling or pushing the object. How light does it feel now compared to before?

Example: Moving the couch out of the way as I vacuum.

You continue to speak…

It wasnt long at all until my physical appearance started to transform, in a positive way! Now I get comments all the time from my friends expressing how great I look and that I seem happier with more confidence.

It feels fantastic knowing that I can now accept and admire the way I look, so I think its time to try on my favourite outfit that I couldnt fit into only 90 days ago.

You watch yourself stand up with good posture and then walk towards the same mirror you stood before wearing only your underwear or bathing suit.

You then hear yourself talking again…

All over my body, Ive lost inches and become more defined. I can see extra shape around parts that were once flat and I definitely dont feel as smooth as before. Instead, I feel firm and toned.

Question 3: What do you see in the mirror after following an effective exercise and nutrition plan for only 90 days?

Before you answer, visualize the way you look and feel, then describe your facial expression. Where do you notice the loss of inches? How much definition do you see now and where is it most striking? How does it feel when you rub your hands all over your body? Be as descriptive as possible in your response.

You then say…

Its time to try on my favourite outfit that I couldnt fit into only 90 days ago. Wow! It fits me like a glove. Its looser than before around certain parts of my body, especially my waist, hips and thighs.

Question 4: What is the size of the outfit that will fit you just right in only 90 days?

Before you answer, visualize the way you appear in the outfit. Describe how it looks and feels on you now compared to before. If you don’t have an outfit you like that doesn’t fit you right now, is there one you’d like to buy? If so, describe it and how you can see yourself appearing in it.

To conclude, you exclaim…

I feel fantastic! When I started to transform my lifestyle it seemed as though I was making many sacrifices, but that wasnt the case at all. I wouldve been sacrificing so much more if I never made the healthy switch.

Question 5: How do you feel now as you’re admiring your rapid and permanent fat loss results?


I encourage you to complete all of the previous questions to get the best possible results.

Does that image of your new body appear after closing your eyes?

I’m sure it does, as it’s burning you up inside to reach that thrilling goal!

What we’re about to focus on now is what influences you to make decisions.

Decisions, that lead to specific actions which will guide you towards the rapid and permanent fat loss results you desire and deserve.

The strong magnetic force that causes you to make a decision lies in what you believe.

In this next step towards guaranteed weight loss, I’m going to help you to identify and confront your beliefs head on. Afterwards, I’ll show you how to break down the unhealthy beliefs that hold you back and replace them with healthier alternatives so you’ll have a much greater chance of making the right lifestyle decisions on an everyday basis!

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