The VIP Experience: the art of attracting random compliments everywhere you go!

This 12 week INTENSIVE one-2-one coaching program is the ultimate transformational experience for women who are 110% committed to seeing positive changes and they want to see them happen fast. Without fail.

If you are on a mission, we will give you ammo!

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up every day feeling healthy, strong, sexy, full of energy, positive, inspired and then… walk the past the mirror, stop, look and love what you see. Unconditionally.

Doesn’t that make you feel like the most powerful woman in the world?


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Say goodbye to this
Say Hello to this


The VIP Experience is not just about achieving great looks. It’s about learning to treat your body like the temple that it truly is and to honour it in every respect.

Yes, being lean and having a great shape is wonderful and something that every woman should be granted. However, this program is mostly about you enjoying optimum health and address any annoying issues that stand in the way of you feeling on top of the world all the time.

It will open the door for you to a whole new wealth of possibilities in your life and career thanks to your soaring self esteem and renewed zest for life. My previous clients have all gone on to achieve fantastic results in their respective endeavours. Like them, by the end of the program you will barely be able to recognize yourself!

Single? Imagine meeting a lot of potential dating partners all keen to get to know you better AND having the confidence to steer your dates in the direction that YOU want as opposed to sitting there hoping to be asked out for a second date. And if you are coupled up imagine being the only woman that your partner has eyes for?

How would having all of this make you feel?

But first you have to leave where you are at right now to get to your new place of better fitness and health. Time to say goodbye to carrying those extra pounds everywhere you go, time to stop loathing your looks and avoiding the mirror!

If you are anything like my past clients your biggest obstacles to achieving long lasting results have probably been:

  • trying out various generic fad diets that you read about in a magazine in hope that they would help you lose weight but only getting you less than stellar results;
  • feeling an aversion to the idea of exercising due to the misconception that slimming down requires spending hours sweating it out on cardio machines at the gym. Not true;
  • attending a variety of high energy trendy fitness classes that were a lot of fun but not much use otherwise;
  • you bought a series of eye catching “follow along” exercise videos only to discover you have to be super fit before attempting even the beginners version and gave up straight away;
  • procrastination. Your head says you should do it but the heart says “yeah OK, we start next Monday”. But it’s never THAT Monday…

If this is you we have good news!

The VIP Experience follows a three dimensional approach to your Fitness Makeover journey. We will start by getting your mindset in the right place and then we will take care of the details. All the nutrition and exercise plans are prepared for you to fit in with your current lifestyle, medical conditions, likes and dislikes. I am genuinely serious about the VIP part: you will be educated but also lovingly looked after.

By the end of the programme expect to see yourself completely transformed in ways that you never thought possible. I know you can do it and I can’t wait to show you how.

Due to the intensive nature of the VIP Experience and the fact that we will be working closely together over an extended period of time I want to make sure that we will make a great team. Therefore admission to this programme is strictly by interview only. 

Because this programme is intensive for me too I can only accept a very limited number of private clients at any one time to make sure you get the most out of your investment. This way I will be able to give you the true VIP treatment that you expect and deserve.


Apply for the VIP Experience Coaching Program

As soon as I receive the application form we will schedule a complimentary consultation call and if we are a good fit we can get started on this awesome adventure straight away.  🙂

Cristina is a ‘focused’ individual who whilst with clients gives them total commitment without hesitation. A pleasure to work with this lady of integrity. – M.L.
Cristina’s coaching, entirely focused on her client, is thorough and highly beneficial. I wholeheartedly recommend Cristina for any of your training needs. – D.P.