Want a new challenge? Pole Fitness may be the answer.

Pole Dancing Moves

Pole fitness offers many benefits: it helps you develop all over body strength, encourages flexibility, stimulates creativity, is uplifting, it teaches you to step out of your comfort zone in order to achieve the impossible. It’s also character forming because of all the physical and mental challenges it presents, “forces” you to switch off from your daily worries and treat yourself to some nurturing “me” time… and let’s not forget that pole dancing does help you lose weight and sculpt your body whilst celebrating your femininity at the same time.

With consistent training you can expect your fitness levels to improve together with your strength and stamina giving you a beautifully toned body while also learning to express yourself through dance.

ButterflyIt doesn’t matter what gender, age or size you are: typically, pole fitness students come from all walks of life. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that our average pole fitness students were never super gifted athletes but perfectly ordinary women with an extraordinary zest for life who wanted to explore a different way to achieve their fitness goals whilst having awesome fun in the process. Having said that, once the pole addiction takes over, you are likely to find yourself determined to nail those funky moves discovering the vast amounts of courage that you never knew you had.

Good private lessons should be suitable for anyone wishing to get into a fabulous shape in a friendly and supportive environment without going to the gym. They ought to be about you as an individual. A good class will inspire you to leave the rest of the world and its worries behind and focus on connecting with the sexy, elegant and fun loving person that you are, and hopefully you will leave your lesson with a very light heart and a renewed passion for life.

During each lesson you might learn a combination of floor work, dance moves around the pole and different spins and tricks. Once you have mastered your beginners moves you can expect be taken through conditioning workouts and stretching sessions to make sure you are ready to tackle the more advanced stuff. Every time you master a new move your self esteem will soar to unprecedented heights giving you unimaginable confidence that will have a positive effect in all areas of your life.

Make sure that your instructors are fully qualified fitness professionals thus enabling you to achieve consistent progress at a pace that suits you best.

Don’t miss out! And remember…

Pole dancing is great fun,
great exercise & a great giggle!

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