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The SMART Fitness Makeover Reboot is a 6 Week Home Study Course and is ideal for anyone who is not too keen on exercising but wishes to take the first step (or the first step back) towards a leaner figure and better fitness and health.

Perhaps you have tried many of the “fad diets” out there and realised that they don’t work and, in fact, they make you worse in the long run and can even adversely affect your health. Perhaps you have joined some classes at your local gym or even tried to wing it on your own following videos with less than stellar results. Perhaps you are telling yourself that you don’t have time to diet or exercise, work gets in the way, your kids demand all your time and attention, and so on…

Our Reboot program is here to address your needs.

We truly understand what it’s like to be very busy and have many demands placed on you by work, family and life in general. That’s why we won’t tell you to set aside hours out of your weekly schedule. In fact, we will leave that part up to you.

Instead we will show you how to integrate small changes in your existing lifestyle in your own time that will pave the way for you to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals and never revert to “your old dieting ways” ever again. It is our belief that easing yourself into a healthier lifestyle through baby steps is better than making a lot of big changes all at once and it is our experience that this leads to the formation of sustainable new and healthier habits without incurring any resistance on your part. And at the end of the course you will have a wealth of knowledge that you can refer back to over and over again in the future.

Imagine being able to feel comfortable in the clothes that you love as opposed to having to settle for what you can just about fit into.

Also, wouldn’t it be wonderful to go out and enjoy a fancy meal every now and then without worrying about your waistline or feeling guilty over that extra slice of cake or glass of wine?

Well, with our Reboot programme you can say goodbye to all these concerns safe in the knowledge that you will always be in control of your choices and will in fact be able to make the fancy foods you love the most help you in your quest for weight loss.


The Reboot Home Study Course only lasts 6 weeks and is delivered to you entirely via email.

Each step of the programme will be clearly outlined for you. Although the idea behind this course is for you to choose the best time to complete each task, we recommend that you commit to jumping in straight away to make sure this doesn’t become yet another “shelf help” product.

In addition to the emails you will have access to a private Facebook group where you will be able to ask questions and receive guidance and support from us every step of the way.

During the 6 weeks that we will be working together you will discover:

  • how your current lifestyle may be preventing you from achieving your fitness goals (hint: stress is most likely your public enemy number one)
  • how to avoid negative souls who have nothing better to do than to belittle your desire for positive change in your life (hint: we’ll make sure you won’t be doing this on your own)
  • how your body type affects and supports your weight loss and fitness efforts and how to work with your genetics to achieve the best results possible
  • how to set realistic goals and stick with them
  • how to let go of dietary habits that don’t serve you in your quest for optimal health and fitness (hint: you probably thought you were doing all the right things)
  • how to spot the latest “fad diet” and why you must avoid it like the plague (hint: most are designed to keep you fat especially when they say they aren’t)
  • how to construct your meals so that they are “body friendly”, fat busting AND delicious at the same time (hint: dieting doesn’t mean endless portions of bland food – unless that’s your thing, of course)
  • how to make the most of your dining out experiences to give your fat loss efforts an extra boost and why you should never give up on these
  • how to use the numerous “calories counters” available for free on the internet effectively (hint: most of them are awesome tools but they only give you part of the story)
  • how to spot the latest useless “fitness trend” that promises you heaven and earth but will undoubtedly fail to deliver the results you seek and keep you poor in the meantime
  • how to introduce simple, safe and truly effective exercises in your life the SMART Fitness way and learn to train like a pro within the comfort of your own home or at the gym
  • how to use dietary supplements and meal replacements in a way that will support your goals instead of keeping you fat and flabby

Knowledge is power.

* * * IMPORTANT * * *

If you are taking any kind of medication you may want to check with your Doctor that these are not slowing down your metabolism or affecting your hormonal balance thus impairing your chances of success with this programme.

If this is the case please contact us to discuss your medical history before committing to this programme so we can show you how to adapt it to your circumstances.


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